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Worlds of Adventure - No trim brakes, no headrests, no problem!


1999 Version

2001 Version

2002 Version (totally different)

Also view the commercial made for the 2000 version of the park (never released due to problems). If you have problems, right click on the link and select "Save Target As". Like the music? Click HERE

Bathroom. Is this the Throne Room or Poopy Landscapes?

worlds25.gif (198511 bytes)worlds24.gif (153751 bytes)worlds23.gif (232118 bytes)worlds26.gif (211477 bytes)
Construction Pix, April 2001

worlds2.gif (245132 bytes)
The Jurassic coaster

worlds3.gif (237437 bytes)
The new entrance

worlds4.gif (170018 bytes)
Extreme coasters

worlds5.gif (193578 bytes)
Aerial view of Rumble in the Jungle

worlds6.gif (208531 bytes)
The on-site hotel (with shuttle monorail access to the park)

worlds7.gif (190528 bytes)
The Alps themed area

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