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Construction has started for the amazing new Woodiestock park, featuring many different type of wooden coasters, from the old side friction, to the new looping woodies, kiddie woodies to the amazing Wood Force, the park's Hyper Woodie. The park also includes the first of a kind shuttle loop woodie

bulletKiddie Woodies
bulletTwister Woodies
bulletTerrain Woodies
bulletTraditional Woodies
bulletLooping Woodies
bulletCrystal Beach Cyclone replica
bulletHyper Woodies
bulletOut'n'Back Woodies
bulletFast Woodies
bulletSlow Woodies
bulletWoodies that make you puke
bulletShuttle Woodies
bulletInter-twisted woodies

Download Woodiestock Amusement Park now (requires AA/CF with Drexler patch)

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