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WOA Ivory Towers is another park in the WOA Chain. Requires Loopy Landscapes and the Drexler Patch

Download - ZIP file (636kb) 
I also made an advertising campaign for the park. It requires Windows Media Player to play (most new versions of Windows, such as Windows XP and ME, include this. If you have an older version of Windows, go to and get the latest version of WMP), and includes clips of many of the park's best rides. Files are in ZIP format, and can be opened with WinZip. The music is "Defying Gravity" by Dave Dobbyn. His CD's are difficult to find in America, but they are available "down under". The CD's are available from

256kb version (1MB)
768kb version (3MB) (mirror)

The 2003 park will be completely redone due to conversion to the RCT2 file format. Some rides will be replaced, others redesigned, and others improved. The park will be more than twice the map size with added parking garages and more space for development.

2002 version (released)

woa_iv1.gif (74437 bytes)woa_iv2.gif (18976 bytes)woa_iv3.gif (18009 bytes)woa_iv4.gif (43308 bytes)woa_iv5.gif (42656 bytes)woa_iv6.gif (32105 bytes)

2003 version (never finished)

woa_iv9.gif (98326 bytes)

woa_iv8.gif (94588 bytes)

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