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Both of the following programs are "on hold", as the file format for RCT2 is significantly different, and these programs are not compatible with RCT2. For more information, visit the RCT Technical Information Depot. I may develop versions that are compatible with RCT2, but do not count on it. If necessary, do all your editing in PEEP before converting the landscape for use in RCT2. 

Track Editor/Viewer (Beta 2)

The Track Editor is very limited in what it can do, and has many bugs, but it is currently capable of adding and removing track pieces, changing ride modes, and changing trains. RCT is extremely fussy over the files it loads, so some files may not load properly. Currently, it can be used to create rides and save them without having to find the E/I/N ratings. This can be useful for creating buildings, roofs, and such. I also used this program to create the "bottomless towers" in WOA Ivory Towers. This file is provided AS IS. Use at your own risk. I am not responsible for damaged files, messed up systems, or peeps killed on edited rides.

A sample of a track rendering, a feature in the latest version

Beta 2N - .NET built version. May require .NET framework to be installed.


RCT Park Editing and Enhancement Program (PEEP) BETA 4
I'm not using Bathroom 1 - It isn't safe!
I'm not sure that I want to 
know what happened in there

The Park Editor is capable of editing parks in different ways. Much of it is still in development, but there are a few basic features that are working right now, such as the ability to make a bathroom "crash" (see pic) and fix up that roller coaster in Haunted Harbor. I have also got it cutting and pasting park elements and rotating map elements. It also has the ability to cause/repair certain breakdowns (ie. fixing a station brakes failure before the peeps notice, or using a breakdown to torture peeps stuck on the ride. Beta 4 is now capable of copying and pasting land sections including rides!

Preview of "Fields of Forgotten Fears" by BusterDownload Beta 4 (.NET version, much faster, many improvements). Requires .NET Framework to be installed (a free download, part of Windows Update). Not recommended for AOL or dial-up users. This version should work with most builds of Windows.

If you are having problems getting PEEP to start, please let me know of any error messages you get. If you get the error message "A required .DLL file, MSCOREE.DLL, was not found.", make sure you downloaded and installed the .NET framework properly (it won't do much if it just sits there in your download folder, and you need the entire framework, not just one DLL file) , and that your operating system is up to date (using Windows Update)

Documentation is available


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