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Need help solving some of the scenarios? Download my solutions here! All these parks were made without the trainer. The RCT parks were made back in April when I first got RCT. There are now here for the first time. Some of the coasters aren't as good as some of the ones I build now.

RCT Parks Corkscrew Follies Loopy Landscapes

Rainbow Valley

Big Pier

Crumbly Woods

Ivory Towers

Dinky Park

Lightning Peaks

Aqua Park

Dynamite Dunes

Evergreen Gardens

Karts and Coasters

Katie's World

Mel's World

Millennium Mines

Pacific Pyramids

Thunder Rock

Trinity Islands

Diamond Heights

Bumbly Beach

Whispering Cliffs

Three Monkeys Park

Haunted Harbor

Barony Bridge

Canary Mines


Gentle Glen

Future World

Arid Heights - Coming Soon

All RCT parks have been saved after finishing, but all CF parks have been saved before finishing. If all "RCT Only" parks get completed, the game unlocks Mega Park

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