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Not much is here right now. Some more objects will be posted soon, such as the Marco II, the Brahma 2020, the Illegal Digital Cable TV, the Neighbor Friendly fridge, and other custom and hacked objects.

Name: Hall NT

File size:



Type: Lot for The Sims 2

Based on my dorm room from college



Name: Potty Power

File size: See files

Download Potty Power! (57KB)

Download Osama Urinal! (30KB)

Download Super Potty (576KB)

Bill Clinton "unzips"
This guy is appropriately named Wizzer


Type: Object for The Sims

Use the Osama Urinal to unload your anger and your bladder on everyone's favorite terrorist. Use the Super-Potty to relieve bladder and hygiene in one box. Urinal and Super-Potty require House Party.

Name: Study Computer

File size: 139KB

Download it!


Type: The Sims object

Modified computer with new graphics and options. Makes Sim kids WANT to study. Includes new game, study, startup, and crash graphics (preloaded with Doors ME operating system). Unzip to \Maxis\The Sims\Downloads

Name: Super Espresso

File size: See files

Super Espresso (119kb)

Decaf Coffee (23kb)

Bladder Coffee (23kb)

Either these guys had too much decaf or they are just plain lazy
This guy made the mistake of drinking Bladder Coffee just before being tickled.


Type: The Sims object

Super Espresso - Gives your Sims a major energy and fun boost

Decaf Coffee - Sims having trouble sleeping? Get this

Bladder Coffee - Drink this, and you'll be ready to go, literally. If you have Hot Date, have caution when tickling Sims who drink this coffee (see right).




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