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the_be1.gif (71892 bytes)The Beast trainer (named after a ride at King's Island) is one of the newest trainers out there, and it allows the player to do things that weren't even remotely possible before. It allows features such as building roads, stacking scenery, and building through objects. It will only work when RCT is running and the Drexler Patch is installed. If not, some side effects may result. It is also a good idea to save before doing anything, as RCT was not designed to allow trainers.

To do any hack, it is necessary to "Begin Special Build Mode" before building an object. After building the object, a certain command can be executed on the objects built, such as build thru, stack objects, and roads. After executing a command, select "End Special Build Mode". This tells Beast to stop tracking objects and allows the player to work on a different section of the park or a ride.

the_be3.gif (36205 bytes)
This ride actually traverses the loop twice. It was done by using SBM to build the track from the drop to the turnaround, and then Build Through was executed to allow the track to "backtrack" through the loop again and off to a drop on the right. The Lift Tunnel is water slide track built backwards to that the coaster track and waterslide track co-exist.

Incredible Hulk Tunnels/Building through tracks and other rides.

During development, RCT had an option to make tunnels on rides above ground. Unfortunately, this feature was dropped before the final release. This feature can still be done, with the help of the Beast trainer and water slide track.

  1. Fire up RCT and Beast

  2. Switch to Beast and select "Begin Special Build Mode" from the Landscaping menu

  3. Build the portion of the ride that needs to be covered. To prevent the existing track from being deleted, build the track in the opposite direction (ie. the lift goes up the hill, but the slide goes down)

  4. Switch to Beast, and select "Execute Build Through" from the Landscaping menu, and then select "End Special Build Mode

  5. Build a water slide with an enclosed tunnel. For best results, build the water slide in the opposite direction to the track. In the example above, I started at the top of the lift hill, and built down to the station. If it does not build through, the trainer may not have worked probably. Check for the messages in the status bar, and that the element can be built through. Sometimes some elements are difficult to build through, such as loops.


the_be4.gif (42369 bytes)
This ride starts out on woodie track and switches to steel track after the first loop. It continues through the steel track, switches back to wood, and returns to the station. Unfortunately, this only works one way, so if the train goes backwards, it will crash.

Blending Tracks

Blending two tracks together adds a new dimension to RCT. It can be used to design extreme machines and ultimate wild rides.

  1. Start up RCT and Beast if not already running

  2. Build both track sections. Make sure to leave a gap 1-3 spaces between each track section. In the case above, I build a wooden coaster, but left a gap and then started building Steel track.

  3. Begin SBM (Special Build Mode)

  4. Narrow the gap between each. Make the "new" track (the track the coaster train will switch to) narrow this gap with straight track. Curved and other types of track will not work very well.

  5. Execute Build Through

  6. Switch to construction on the track that the coaster car will leave. Build straight track so that it will meet up with the second track. If all goes well, the track will overlap and the track will flash white, to indicate a complete circuit. Repeat with the other gap, making sure the source track is build into the target track.

  7. Set the ride to Powered Launch mode, as the RCT thinks the track is not a complete circuit. If the ride doesn't support powered launch, use a trainer to force it into powered launch, and have multiple trains if necessary.

  8. Test the ride. If the ride crashes, the track may have been build around the wrong way, or it wasn't built correctly. The track piece "on top" will be the destination track

The straight section of Steel Twister track to the right was built using SBM and set to "Build Through". The wooden track was then build up to meet up with the steel track and merged. The curved track piece is blinking to indicate that the wooden track linked up to it successfully. The train will only be able to go one way from wood to steel. The opposite is done on another section of the ride with the steel track approaching the wood track.

With practice, this can also be done on other types of track, like sloped track. The image in the left shows a mine train "jumping" its track onto sky-ride track to create an illusion of flying. The sky ride was built using SBM, and the mine train was built into it. It is also possible to build working "Impulse" type coasters using Beast. When doing a "Y" section, build the track that the train will switch to using SBM, and the build the track that the train will leave into the rest of the track. They must be in the same direction, or the tracks won't merge

With some practice, it's possible to create some amazing rides. Be careful, however. If a coaster train returns to the station of another ride (i.e.. the Steel train ending up on the Corkscrew station), RCT will crash. The ride above can confuse RCT, and both trains would return to the same station. This is the case in the log flume to the right. I attempted to make a split station, but boats from both stations would return to only one, resulting in RCT crashing.

Roads are also possible. Simply start SBM, build some double wide paths, and then execute "Build Roads".


the_be9.gif (106037 bytes)With some messing around in SBM, I was able to build this machine. While most peeps wouldn't ride it, it does seven inversions with only one loop. It launches out of the station, through the loop, and up the hill, but it falls back, through the loop, this time going back into the straight track section with a hill at the end. The boosters on this track push the train back towards the hill and back until the train has enough momentum to make it over the hill.

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