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Open - loads a SV4 file for editing
Save - Saves a SV4 file for editing
Edit Sprites - This feature not implemented
Edit Rides - Allows changing the ride structure, such as ride type, station references, etc. The "Advanced" section of the editor is for more experienced peeps.
Edit Map - This feature allows advanced editing of the game map. The left mouse button makes a selection and the right mouse button "locks" the cursor so that the tile can be edited. Each tile contains a number of tile elements, such as paths, ride parts, and the land tile.
Strings Used - This is just a list of text strings used in the park, such as ride names, peep names, and banner signs.
Quick Stats - This just displays a few facts about the park, such as the number of ride vehicles used, number of peeps, amount of puke/trash/litter, and the username of the person who created the park.
Several thumbnail images indicate how the map displays map elements. Less populated areas (such as flat land), appear as lighter colors, while dark areas indicate "dense" areas and towers. The park featured is WOA 2002, a park that features many hacks done using PEEP, such as "side by side" towers, a 269 foot woodie, parking garages, and "raised" edge tiles.
Map Editor

Toolbar (from left to right)

bulletSave - Saves the map changes and returns to the main screen
bulletExport - Exports the selection to a PCF file
bulletImport - Loads a PCF file into memory, and allows the user to choose a location to paste the PCF file
bulletPaste - Replaces the selected map tiles from PCF file. Usually disabled unless a PCF file is imported.
bulletRegion Editing - Allows "batch" operations on selected region, such as "Raise All Rides by 4 units" or "Demolish All Paths". Be aware that height units are 1/4 of the in-game elements (ie. to raise a 61 height coaster to 63, the ride must be raised by 8 units). Take care when modifying coaster stations, as RCT will crash if they are raised or lowered without being updated in the advanced ride editor
bulletRotate - Simply rotates the region selected. Side effects may result
bulletRebuild - If the map doesn't display properly, click here
bulletRedraw - If the map is "erased", click here to re-draw the map.

Tile Edit. The list box shows all the elements at the selected location, including rides, banner signs, paths, entrances/exits, and trees. The first digit indicates the element type, and the next 16 digits indicate the hex values for the selected element. Each element consists of eight bytes, which are explained in detail in the advanced tile editor. Eight buttons indicate "Tile Editing Tools" explained below.

bulletCopy - Copies the selected tile element
bulletPaste - Pastes the tile element copied
bulletDelete - Deletes a tile element (ie. for making "sideless" entrances
bulletDuplicate - Duplicates the tile element.
bulletEdit - Brings up the advanced editor for the specific tile. Requires some knowledge of Hex.
bulletSave - Updates the tiles at the selected point.
bulletMove Up - Moves the selected element up by one. Useful for doing track merges without the need for the Beast Trainer. Track elements that are "higher" up will be used if two track elements are occupying the same space.
bulletMove Down - Moves the selected element down by one.





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