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Before downloading any of my parks, be sure that you have the Drexler patch if you have the add-on. Older parks will load into standard RCT without the need for any patch.

To open downloaded files, use WinZip, available for free at Use WinZip to extract the SV4 file to [drive]:\program files\hasbro interactive\rollercoaster tycoon\saved games\

My Parks:

Woodiestock Park
WOA South Florida
Worlds of Adventure
SF Diamond Heights
Blank Park
Scenario Solutions
WOA Ivory Towers
Spotlight Parks
Beast Coasters (an experimental park made with the Beast Trainer)


Other Parks

Adventure Forest A large IOA style park with several themed areas. Made by Stephen Garrett
Eagle's Landing A "scenario" made by Stephen Garrett
Ultimate Park A theme park map made by Grant Finlayson

Also check out the Danimation Classic Spotlights. All the original spotlights are here, including FOO, RUPE, and Faultline.

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