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No Limits is a coaster building "game", which allows the user to build and ride coasters. A demo can be downloaded at The full version includes a complete editor, several sample tracks, and several types of coasters. The full version costs $25 USD. 

New: There is an update to NL that includes an importer for RCT tracks, so players can ride their RCT creations in No Limits. Due to differences in the physics of RCT/No Limits, the importing may not be perfect.

I have a few screenshots and a few basic tracks for download

no_lim1.jpg (42061 bytes)

An aerial view of a coaster

no_lim2.jpg (39544 bytes)

Another aerial view

no_lim3.jpg (44601 bytes)

Viper at SFMM

no_lim4.jpg (41845 bytes)

Another view of Viper

no_lim5.jpg (50327 bytes)

Clippy, that famous paperclip from Microsoft Office (who liked to help you write letters), is shown on this coaster car. Somebody must have set up him the bomb.

no_lim6.jpg (46733 bytes)

A "crashed" coaster, resulting from block brakes being too short

no_lim7.jpg (90741 bytes)

Flashback at SFMM. Finally we can ride this thing without any of the head banging. I heard that there is also a Windjammer recreation.

no_lim8.jpg (55911 bytes)

Another shot of the "Clippy Coaster"

no_lim9.jpg (42679 bytes)

Intel Inside coaster car, going up into a tunnel

no_lim10.jpg (42995 bytes)

Intel Inside car again

no_lim11.jpg (30550 bytes)

The station platform

no_lim12.jpg (44956 bytes)

The mid course brake run

no_lim13.jpg (37513 bytes)

"It looks like you're riding a coaster. Would you like help?"

no_lim14.gif (32483 bytes)

The Editor


Here are a few basic tracks that I made in the editor. They are nothing fancy, but show what can be done.

Boomerang Coaster - A simple launched ride

Out and Back coaster - One of my first NL track designs.

Dive Machine - A NL ride with a vertical drop, many trains, and several inversions

Launched Multi-looper - Multilooping coaster that starts out with an Incredible Hulk style launch tunnel, which fires when the train is halfway up.

Hyper 2 - An out and back hyper coaster

Launched Mega Coaster - One of my first recreations that would probably be impossible to engineer in real life.

Portable - My first attempt at creating a portable coaster

Bushfire - A B&M style sit-down with several unique inversions including an incline loop and a pretzel.


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