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Here are some tips at making money:

bulletMake the major rides at the back of the park, so the sims will stop and spend money on the way
bulletBuild a "Profit Looper" at the entrance, which will probably be the first ride the people get on.
bulletCharge prices for rides, or both rides and park entry
bulletAvoid using multiple lift hills and extra boosters on coasters, as they can cause maintenance problems
bulletOn new coasters, disable the maximum wait time, so the train won't dispatch until it is totally full. This saves on maintenance
bulletDon't hire more handymen/mechanics than necessary. To make them more efficient, tell them not to mow grass.
bulletIf you want to be cruel, charge the peeps to use the bathroom. Don't charge more than $.50.
bulletReplace old rides, as the peeps will not be willing to pay as much to ride.
bulletTry to "drain" the peeps' pockets. If they have spent all their money, there is no way that you can get more money from them.

The Profit Looper

A profit looper is pretty much a steel shuttle loop coaster. To make a profit looper, follow these steps
bulletBuild a steel coaster. Make the station long enough for one train
bulletBuild a loop straight after the station.
bulletAfter the loop, add an On-Ride Photo
bulletBuild an incline
bulletBuild the station entrance/exit
bulletSet the ride mode to Powered Launch. Test the ride. Adjust the speed until the train goes up the incline and back through the loop, but not too far
bulletSet the price for the ride at $2.00 and the photo price for $2.00. For the UK version, prices are the same. The photo section is used to add to the profit this ride rolls in

wpe101.jpg (31013 bytes)

In this picture, part of the ride is shown, and the incline is off the left.


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