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wpeAF.jpg (161808 bytes)

These two shuttle loops use the "Powered Launch Mode"

wpeB8.jpg (9145 bytes)

Track elements such as boosters can also be used to launch coasters. The advantage is that these allow multiple trains. The big disadvantage is that they are very expensive.

wpeB9.jpg (95576 bytes)

Powered launch mode can also be used for "Arrow Style" shuttles, except an incline has to be added at the end. A powerful launch is not needed as when the train comes back and reaches the end of the station, the station "pulls" the train back into the station.

wpeBA.jpg (10245 bytes)

"Whoa Belly" ("Superman") style rides use "regular track" to launch. The longer the track, the faster the ride will go. The faster the car goes, the higher up the tower it goes. If it goes too fast, it flies off the top!

Another type of launch mode is Reverse Incline Launch Mode, which is seen on some shuttles and the Boomerang sample coaster. At the back of the station, there is a chain lift, which the train goes up backwards. When it reaches the top of the lift, it is released, flies through the station, and does the regular course.

Steel Twisters also have a special type of launch. If researched, uphill boosters can be built, like on Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure in Orlando

To set most launch modes, there is a menu in the settings tab (wpeBB.jpg (1080 bytes)) in the ride window. Boosters and launched lift hills work on continuous circuit mode.

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