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Easter Eggs

The most common Easter egg found in RCT is when you name a guest after people in the credits or British public figures. The following name cause certain effects for that certain guest. Guests are named in the same way a ride is named, by clicking on the label button.

bulletChris Sawyer- Takes pictures of people, park, etc.
bulletSimon Foster- Paints pictures of things in park
bulletMelanie Warn- Turns guest to happiest
bulletKatie Brayshaw- Guest waves to everyone it meets.
bulletJohn Wardley- Constantly thinks "Wow!"
bulletDamon Hill - Goes fast on the go-karts
bulletMr. Bean (a funny British actor)- Goes really slow on the go karts

Naming guests E=MC2 and E=MC3 do nothing. This "cheat" is a false rumor. Pressing Ctrl+Z, Alt+Z, and Shift+Z are also "fake" cheats. They will work in Bullfrog's Theme Park game with the username Horza.

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