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I take no responsibility for anything that happens as the result of hex editing. Do not contact Chris Sawyer, Hasbro Interactive, Infogrames, or Microprose over any problems that may result from using a hacked copy of RCT. They will only put more anti-trainer "bugs" in.

Hungry? How about a movie?

Now that's more realistic

Hex editing can be fun, but it can have side effects. Make sure you keep several back-ups of RCT.EXE before doing any of this. For information on hex editing parks, go here.

1.    After creating a backup, download a hex editor or a memory editor, such as Axe. Searching on the web with a site such as Google ( can lead to some.

2.    Next, find a string that you want to change. Use the Search function and search for an Ansi string, such as "I need to go to the bathroom". If it includes a ride name, such as "I want to go on something more thrilling than Roller Coaster 1", you should only do part of the string. Unfortunately, the "string cheats" (peep quotes, etc.) do not work with Loopy Landscapes

3.    When the hex editor finds the string, change it to something else, as shown here

4.    Start up RCT, and see if it works. In the example here, the user should find a peep "holding on" and seeing what they are saying. If all goes well, they would be saying "I gotta go! I gotta go now!"

Here is another example of hex editing. This edit will enable the "Twelve trains" patch for all coasters and transport rides that allow trains. This hack will work with Loopy Landscapes

As shown here, the monorail here has 12 trains. The modification here can be found at Drexler's web page at Some trainers have caused this patch to not be as useful, but I still use it anyway so trains don't strangely disappear while working on a ride.

To do this, search for Raw hex bytes values of what can be found on the page, or if there is an "xx" value, search for the beginning or end of the string. The hex editor should find it, and can be modified based on instructions on the page

A similar method was used to "modify the entrance path", which is another cheat found on Drexler's page. In the screenshot below, I put a banner sign over one of the exits. Instead of all the peeps flocking to the other exit, they just kept walking around in circles (they were too dumb to use the other exit). This hack will work with Loopy Landscapes

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