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Frequently asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions I have received through e-mail and my answers here.
Click here for the Drexler Patch (allows loading "trainered" saved games in AA/CF/LL)
Click here for trainer information and downloads

  1. Where did you get those "Blank" maps?
    I used the Techno trainer to clear and flatten out the land
  2. What are the cheat codes for all the rides and attractions?
    Any trainer should be able to do this
  3. Can you design a park that looks like ______?
    I am not the greatest and re-creating parks, but there are many people out there who are masters, such as Greg Reese and Joe Holland.
  4. How did you get those "Floating Guests?"
    This was a bug I found when using a monorail. There is also a special coaster in the coaster downloads section that also does this in a different way
  5. How did you get the fast monorail?
    I have made a page showing how here
  6. Can you send me your banner?
    I do not need to. Most web browsers allow the user to right click an image and select "Save Image As".
  7. How did you get Schwarzkopf trains on the woodie?
    This was done with a crash. For some reason, even de-railed trains stay at the same altitude if it is over track (of under inverted track), but the trains will "fall" when the track reaches a turn, drop, or inversion. This can also be done for real using the new Techno Trainer Lite and the Beast Trainer.
  8. Can you add my link to your page?
    It depends on the content of the page
  9. What is a "peep"
    A peep is just another name for park guests. They have also sometimes been called Sims, as in Sim City. The term was also used in Theme Park, an old predecessor to RCT.
  10. How did you get the split flume
    These are edited screenshots.
  11. What is Corkscrew Follies (what is Added Attractions).
    Corkscrew Follies and Added Attractions are two different names for the first RCT add-on pack. CF is America only, while AA is everywhere else. Loopy Landscapes is the second add-on.
  12. Why does your page look messed up?
    You computer or web browser is messed up. This page was originally designed (back in the days before Firefox, Chrome, and Safari) for use in Internet Explorer 5.0 at 1024x786x65k+.
  13. Why don't you update?
    Updating the page is not one of my priorities.
  14. I get an Error Trapper when I try to run RCT
    I do not know how to fix this problem. Some cases it may be a hardware problem (upgrading DirectX and various drivers may help), other cases may require a simple re-install. Also consider using the official patches and trainers with "Fix Park" or "Fix Game" functions.
  15. How do I save track files?
    Track files are saved by selecting the "Save Track Design" option in the "disk" menu. This requires the ride to be tested and have E/I/N ratings. Track files are stored in \RollerCoaster Tycoon\Tracks
  16. How do I view screenshots?
    Screenshots are saved in the \RollerCoaster Tycoon directory as .pcx files. To view them requires a paint program, such as MS Paint (included with all versions of WIndows), Paint Shop Pro, or Photoshop. To put them on a web page, they must be converted to .GIF or .JPG format (Do not save them as .BMP files because some browsers do not support and they take a long time to load).
  17. I can't get RCT to work under Windows ME/Windows 2000/Windows XP
    Download the patch at the Official Site (actually the last update). You may need to use Loopy Landscapes and the latest Drexler Patch. Be sure to install the Drexler Patch after installing the official patch. The Drexler patch will only work with the expansion packs.
  18. I want to ride my rides in RCT!
    Currently, there are no programs out there that allow you to ride your creations. The closest one can get would be by using the TD4Viewer program and UltraCoaster. You can also use the latest version of No Limits to ride your RCT creations. RCT3 also allows "riding"
  19. What is No Limits?
    No Limits is a coaster simulation game that allows the user to create and ride a roller coaster. It is not related to RCT in any way.

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