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A new record! (Proof)

extrem27.gif (71136 bytes)

The Peeps In Black
(done using a trainer)

extrem21.gif (32759 bytes)

Alien Abduction - Invisible ride tracks, with Observation cars as trains

The path disappears from under these unlucky peeps

extrem12.gif (23858 bytes)

Bridge - The Flood Lowland function of the Techno trainer

extrem13.gif (50278 bytes)

Crashing Go-Karts
A trainer was used to put coaster trains on the track. The trains were launched, and the first train slowed down to a point that the second train crashed into it.

extrem14.gif (48778 bytes)

Rainbow Monorails - I used a trainer to put monorail trains on a go-kart track (tight turns)

extrem15.gif (51332 bytes)

A printer themed ride

extrem10.gif (10937 bytes)

Turns out that the bathrooms are more profitable than the carousel. I know what I'm going to build in my next park

Using a trainer to put twister trains on the pipeline, the trains would morph into the default pipeline trains.

extrem9.gif (36371 bytes)

A hacked coaster was found on John Wardley's site. I exported it as a track file and then placed it in one of my own parks. This can also be done in LL with a trainer

extrem7.gif (51486 bytes)

Tunnel of Love
A trainer was used to put swan boats on the log flume

extrem8.gif (39347 bytes)

This was in a park that I downloaded. The saved game was modified using a hex editor. This can now be done using the Beast Trainer and PEEP

extrem2.gif (42496 bytes)

Any peep who can make it to this bathroom without wetting himself is a rarity. The Jumping Fountains and the $5.00 entrance fee won't help either.

extrem3.gif (11750 bytes)

The effects of using the Techno Trainer

extrem4.gif (150422 bytes)

"Wheee, this is really fast, yet we haven't even started"

woodie1.jpg (59229 bytes)

A mega woodie, with a 269 foot drop.

Old stuff:

wpeAF.jpg (112199 bytes)

The "London Underground" of Roller Coaster Tycoon. These two pairs of monorail lines run totally underground. The blue/green line travels through the whole park. The red/yellow line runs only around half the park, and meets with another "central station" at the other end of the park.

wpeB8.jpg (102267 bytes)

People DO ride this thing

wpeBE.jpg (109992 bytes)

This ride required no lift, no launch, and no boosters

wpeC1.jpg (82284 bytes)

Thunder rock is very crowded, but you haven't seen anything yet...

wpeC2.jpg (170042 bytes)

A majority of coaster tracks go into the rock, such as a monorail that goes carries guests to the top of the rock, a woodie that has a small lift, but a huge drop, a huge log flume, a suspended coaster, with the station being one of the highest points, an Oblivion ride, with the station at the highest point, and a water slide, which is almost entirely in the rock.

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