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Here are some tips to make rides more exciting

bulletTry to bank many turns to avoid lateral G's. Wider turns cause less laterals than tight turn also. If not possible, try and slow the train down
bulletWhen a train speeds through a loop, extreme positive G's occur. Slowing down the train will reduce extreme positive G's
bulletIt is best to keep laterals less than 2, and the same with negative. Positives can go up to about 5
bulletDon't try and make a train speed through a corkscrew, cobra roll, batwing, or other element with the corkscrew track. This will cause extreme laterals. Add trim brakes if necessary
bulletUse the graphs to find out where the G's are the most extreme. Try and find out where the high G's are and modify the track to avoid the forces.
bulletKeep the intensity of a ride below 10 (or the peeps won't ride it!)
bulletUse scenery, tunnels, other rides etc, to make the ride more exciting.
bulletRacing and inter-twisted rides can provide extra thrills for both rides

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