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This crash was caused by valleying in multi-train operation.

The most common type of crash is a station brakes failure. The big problem with this is that, unlike real ride, the breaks stay off, and also, all the people in the trains involved in the crash go with it. To reduce station brakes failures, keep mechanics on duty at all times, and set the inspection to a low rate. Also add brakes before returning to the station to reduce stress in the station brakes.

To recover from a crash:

  1. Double click the red "stop" button. The train(s) should disappear
  2. Check construction of the ride, such as lowering hills and lowering launch speeds
  3. Click the yellow "test" button. The trains should re-appear and then leave the station.

To recover popularity

  1. Run plenty of test runs
  2. Open the ride
  3. Wait. Eventually, some guests will start going on the ride again and then the ride will become popular again.
  4. It also helps to re-theme the ride, run advertising, and lower the price.
  5. If the ride had a station brake failure, it helps to slow the train down before hitting the station

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