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Most of these tracks were made using plain RCT, as I have turned to more advanced creations, such as parks and utilities.

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Ride Name Type Description Exc. Int. Misc
Kumba Corkscrew This ride is based on the B&M sit-down
ride at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay
Batwing Corkscrew This is a really cheap ride, which uses a
powered launch to complete the circuit
Dual 'Blivion Dive Machine These are two mirror image "Oblivion" coasters.
When placed next to each other, they can be
synchronized, to add to the excitement
Steel Cyclone Stand-up This ride features several loops    
Cyclone Wood The track for this ride spirals in, out, over, and under the lift hill. 7 8
Double shuttle Steel Unlike a regular shuttle, this ride drops out of the station,
into a loop, and up an incline. After the incline, it falls
back through the loop, through the station, and does the
same thing on the other side. This coaster doesn't 
"strike twice" - It strikes four times. May require raised land at each end
6 9.5
Tree Tops Dive Machine This is a vertical coaster to the extreme. It has several
"combo drops". Over all, there are 19 drops, most of
them being vertical and the highest being 177 feet.
This will make even Oblivion look really tame.
Just don't look down!
8.5 9.5
Stampede Wood Lots of unbanked drops, peeps love it! This ride can be found in all versions WOA (and 2002) 8.41 8.97
Profit Looper Steel This ride works great near a park entrance, as it keeps peeps happy, has a high throughput, and takes in a lot of money 5.20 5.17
Inverted Batwing Inverted Like a batwing, but inverted. This ride works well on a hillside 6.11 9.58
Floating Peep Coaster Steel A coaster where the guests "float" from the train to the station. See it to believe it!


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There is also a utility that can be downloaded to add preview pictures to saved track designs. It can be downloaded here

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