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The most common type of cheat is the trainer. Before using any trainer, download the Drexler patch ( This will allow you to save your games and load them again.

Trainer/Hack Name Compatibility Best Features
Drexler Patch Corkscrew Follies, Loopy Landscapes (and W2K patch) Allows importing 'trainered' saved parks from previous versions.
Techno (lite 1.7) Corkscrew Follies, Loopy Landscapes (nearly all versions) Allows moving entrance, changing ride vehicles, modifying peeps. A revolutionary trainer because it worked with Loopy Landscapes out of the box.
Dragons Trainer Loopy Landscapes One of the best LL trainers out there. It does everything from creating the "Peeps in black" and disabling height restrictions to putting bumper boats on a steel twister and cleaning up puke.
Beast Trainer Loopy Landscapes (US and UK) This trainer allows "hacking" of parks by allowing building through objects, making roads, and stacking scenery.

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